PowerTOP is the smart solution for designing and manufacturing working tops. It is a web-based software, therefore usable by a browser, able to draw tops of any shape and size.

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PowerTOP features

Parametric models
Linear kitchen tops
L-shaped kitchen top
U-shaped kitchen top
Complex kitchen tops (more than 3 sides)
Import from DXF file
Geometry modification
Customizable profiles and backsplashes
Stock of customisable sinks and hobs
Indication of incorrect holes positioning
Automatic and customizable junction lines
Linear or offset splitting
Machining assignment
Material database
Supports (reinforcement kits) associated to profile types
Orders management
Production printout
NC file generation

PowerTOP is

The PowerTOP software can be used in combination with EasyWOOD and EasySTONE for a simple and immediate production, in fact all the processes are assigned during the design procedure and, with just a few clicks, you can generate NC files for the working center.

Stone vanity and kitchen design

Included bill of material

Advanced quotation system

Optimized web interface

EasySTONE software and additional modules

PowerTop can be used with DDX EasySTONE for easy connectivity between the designer and the machining manufacture.

Automatic Cam

Automatic Cam allows you to import DXF, DWG or template files making the machining process automatic, thus reducing production time and costs.

Part Composition and Nesting

The Nesting module allow you to nest and assemble the part to preview and save material with is database. Remnant can be used directly from the database without the need of measuring the remnant again. It’s all automatic.

DDX Photo

DDX Photo take an picture of your material directly from a frame or the table of the machine. The slab picture is saved in the DDX database allowing the operator to preview a 1:1 picture of the slab.


Marble processing module specialized in funeral art. Practical and intuitive, it has been developed in close contact with operators in the sector.

PowerTOP is compatible with multiple machines manufacturer

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