PowerWIN is a software solution for the parametric design and production of windows, solid wood doors, flush doors, shutters, jalousies, and standard as well as custom frames.

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PowerWIN features

French doors
Round tilting and normal portholes
Internal doors
Entry doors
Flush and engraved doors
Interior shutters
Shutters and external shutters
Multiple windows/doors
Complex windows/doors with profile change
3D profiles and sections
Aluminium cutting list printout
Hardware management
2D, 3D and photo-realistic rendering of the window/door
DXF export of wooden pieces, glasses and assembled panels

PowerWIN is

With PowerWIN, you can easily design windows and doors. Just click on the different elements to configure them, such as casement, sashes, glass, and hardware. When you change the measurements, PowerWIN automatically adjusts all the internal elements, including hardware.

Advanced 2D and 3D parametric

Windows and doors

3D simulation and collision dectection

Interior and external shutters

PowerWIN is compatible with multiple machines manufacturer

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